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Spreading the Goodness of Guar

Since 1963


Pakistan Gum and Chemicals Limited has been committed to spreading the excellence of Guar around the globe since 1963.


PakChem produces Guar Gum, Splits and Guar Meal which are used in food, cattle / poultry feed and other industrial applications. As an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, FSSC (22000:2018) certified company, PakChem products are manufactured under strict quality control standards. The Company has an integrated manufacturing facility that converts Guar Seed into Finished Guar Gums and other products

why pakchem?

Our primary products are food related and the manufacturing process does not permit any compromise on quality. We are also ably supported in this effort by our highly trained and experienced staff.

We believe in building relationships and trust with our clients. Our global presence is credited to our expertise in building a Customer Oriented Strategy, and value-added after sales support.

PakChem’s location in Karachi, a major port and business centre in South Asia, provides it with easy access to land, sea and air transportation routes.

Our Research & Development personnel are constantly working on improving our processes and quality assurance, along with researching on making tailor-made products that are not only according to your requirements but also innovative.

We are continuously striving to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations by delivering high quality products and services which offer good value in terms of price and quality.

Natural Guar Gum without any chemical additives

Snow White Guar Gum

Low Protein Split

7000+ Viscosity Guar Gum

Our Brands


SupergelⓇ Guar Gum is a superb thickening, emulsifying and stabilizing additive which is of food and industrial grade. 

It is popularly used to make milk products, soups, juices, sauces and salad dressings, bread, confectionery, processed meat and much more.


HIVIPROⓇ is the by-product Guar Meal which is popularly used as a nutritious and healthy cattle and poultry feed supplement.

Our Vision

Spread the excellence of guar globally by being the number one guar products producing company of Pakistan.

Our mission

To achieve innovative growth which creates value for our stakeholders, customers and employees. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of ethics, safety and environmental responsibility.


PakChem has been awarded various certifications based on our processes, quality, and religious conformance.


It is the policy of PakChem to strive for excellence in all aspects of business by making quality an integral part of all actions, decisions and results. The adoption of a quality management system utilizing the ISO 9001:2015 standards and FSSC (22000:2018) as a guideline forms an important part of our plan to practice, implement, and deliver quality products and services and to continually improve the process, which will ensure our position as a market leader in the Guar industry. We are successfully maintaining requirements for Food Safety Systems through HACCP and GMP certifications along with its prerequisite.

Quality Control Lab

Our Control Laboratory is responsible for not only monitoring the currently implemented quality control methods but also researching and developing new and improved applications.

Moreover, the lab houses on-line production controls with respect to product specification, along with chemical and physical testing facilities.

This labs tests our products for the following:

  • Percentage of Black
  • Percentage of Chaff
  • Quick and final A.I.R
  • Dehusking
  • Mesh
  • Moisture
  • Protein
  • Ash
  • Fiber
  • Oil
  • Galactomannan
  • Color
  • Viscosity (2 hours and 24 hours)
  • pH
  • Ultimate and Dynamic Viscosity

Safety Responsibility

Our products are certified as safe for human and animal consumption. Therefore, maintaining purity of each product is our top most priority. Our quality assurance and control experts make sure each product is consistent and safe for use.


The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has awarded PakChem with merit export awards (2011-2012) and special merit export awards (2012-2013) on SupergelⓇ Guar Gum.