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Due to its numerous properties and benefits, our premium Guar is used to produce Guar Gum, Guar Splits, and Guar Meal.

guar gum

Manufactured from completely indigenous natural raw material, SupergelⓇ Guar Gum is one of the largest exports, by PakChem. With its excellent stabilizing and binding properties, SupergelⓇ Guar Gum is quite popular with many industries including paper, textile etc.
Since, SupergelⓇ Guar Gum is safe for human and animal consumption, its high protein content makes it a great ingredient in pet feed along with being used in industries for food and beverages, as well as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

guar Splits

PakChem produces premium Guar Splits that are used to make derivatives of Guar including guar gum powder of food and industrial grade. These gum powders mainly focus on textiles, silk dyeing and printing, and oil drilling.
We use the best quality of Guar seed to produce 3 types of splits:
  1. SPS (Single Purified Splits),
  2. DPS (Double Purified Splits) Grade I, II, and III, and
  3. TPS (Triple Purified Splits).

guar meal

HIVIPROⓇ Guar Meal is a protein-rich by-product used to make cattle and poultry feed. It is obtained when guar gum is extracted from the guar seed.
It is provided in both raw and toasted forms. Toasting the HIVIPROⓇ Guar Meal removes natural Trypsin inhibitors, thus increasing its nutritive value and digestibility.
HIVIPROⓇ Guar Meal is completely natural and free from any additives, making it the perfect protein and carbohydrate addition to your animal feed.