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High quality standards

High quality standards are maintained throughout the production process, right from seed procurement till the delivery of final products to our customers.

Seed Purchase:

Guar seed, the raw material for the production of guar gum, guar splits and guar meal is purchased from growers and also grain merchants. Only high quality seed, duly approved by our quality control laboratory, is used for production.


The purchased seed, after the cleaning and removing impurities, is stored in our silos away from dirt and rodents. It is fed straight from silos into the production system.


In the first processing step, splits are produced and purified further as required.
The splits are subsequently converted into Finished Gum for food and other industrial usage.


The finished Gum is packed in 25 kgs kraft paper bags with a poly liner inside. This packing protects the Gum from moisture and other damages.


The finished products in bags are loaded on trucks for delivery to customers.