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Investor Corner Page In Urdu


A) Profile Company

i.   Vision, mission and details of permissible business activity  View Report
ii.  Status of the Company
iii. Company Registration number and National Tax Number 1388 of 1962-1963 CUIN 0001685NTN 0676291-3
iv. Address of the Registered office, head office, all other branch offices B-19/A, Irshad Qadri Road, SITE, Karachi
v.  Phone number, fax number of head office, registered office and branch offices Phone: (92-21) 32561124-26 Fax: (92-21) 32561320
vi. E-mail address
vii. Detail of associated companies Holding Company: East West Group Holdings Inc.Associated undertaking:

  • Orkila Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
  • Shipwell (Pvt.) Limited
  • IAL Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited

B) Governance

i.   Profile of the Board of Directors View Report
ii.  Shareholding Pattern View Report
iii. Name of Auditor of the Company Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder Chartered Accountants
iv. Name of the Legal Advisor Azizuddin & Co.

C) Investor Relations

i.   Online form/ contact detail of person designated for assistance and handling investors grievances (including website link of SECP’s investor complaint section Mr. Arshadul Hasnain Qasmi, Manager Corporate Compliance
ii.  Corporate social Responsibility Reports
iii. Notice of General Meetings, dividend/ bonus declarations and right issue View Report   English
View Report   Urdu
iv. Proxy Form for AGM View Report   English
View Report   Urdu
v. Transmission of Audited Financial  Statements with Notice of AGM through e-mail View Report
 vi. Site map  View Report
 vii.  Search facility
 viii. Material Information  View Report
 ix. Withdrawal of de-listing application View Report

D) Media

i.  National/ International awards, recognition
ii.  Member of industry associations and trade bodies Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce, Karachi Chamber of commerce & Industry and Sindh Industrial Trading Association.
iii. Any other announcements or clarifications issued by the Company
iv. Last date on website is updated  28 April 2017


E)  Election of Directors

i.  Notice of Election of Directors View Report
ii. Information with respect of election of Directors:
       a. Proxies, in number and value, deposited by each candidate as and when submitted
       b. Detailed profile of candidates contesting the elections along  with their office address shall be available on website within seven days prior to the date of election till the date of election
       c. 21 days prior to the date of election till the date of election
           i.  Proxy forms to be placed View Report
           ii. List of shareholders and their addresses accessible by                       candidate intending to contest election

F) Investor information

i.     Symbol of the Company and website link of stock exchanges where company is listed  PGCL
ii.    Annual report of the current financial year as well as previous three years
 Annual Report 2016 View Report
 Annual Report 2015 View Report
 Annual Report 2014 View Report
 Annual Report 2013 View Report
iii.   Financial highlights for previous six years View Report
iv.   Interim accounts i.e. latest available for the last three quarters
  1st Quarter Report 2017 View Report
  3rd Quarter Report 2016 View Report
  2nd Quarter Report 2016 View Report
  1st Quarter Report 2016 View Report
v.    As per latest available yearly financials statements: Earning per share, P/E ratio and breakup value
vi.   Name and address of the share registrar  JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
407-408, Al-Ameera Centre, Shahrah-e-Iraq, Near Passport Office, Saddar, Karachi
vii.  Free float of the shares View Report
viii. Rating of company and instrument (if any
 Compliance Certificate